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Thoroughbred Hall Pictures

Pictures of Jim Miller Hall, inside and out:

Lincoln,a Gallopalooza Horse, won the " best of show," stands in front of Jim Miller Hall


Inside, a sample of tables and chair set up (tables & chairs included) seating up to 200

Chairs set up for a wedding with the ioptional dance floor

Beautiful Stain Glass windows all around:

Another view of chairs set for a wedding:

A buffet table set up in the upper hall (set up your choice):

Tables & chairs set up in the main hall:

Another set of stained glass windows

A large recently remodeled Kitchen is available for use by you or a caterer of your choice (no alcohol may be sold).

Tables and chairs set up in the main hall:

A beautiful bride at the included alter:

A view of the main and upper halls with tables & chairs set up:

Another sample of table & chair arrangement:

Close up of the dance floor:

Table & chair set up with stained glass window in the background and customer decorated table:

A buffet table set up in the upper hall:

Plenty of opportunities for wonderful photography, bride shown outside: